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Christmas Island is located approximately 500km from Jakarta and 2600km from Perth.  The Island is a place of great beauty with 60% dedicated to national park.  It has a rich and unique diversity of birds, plant and marine life.  The climate is tropical with most of the rain (in excess of 2m. annually) falling between November and April.  Temperatures range between 24 and 30 degrees Celsius.


The school


Despite our isolation and relatively small student population, Christmas Island District High School operates from attractive buildings and has excellent and advanced facilities and resources – including an arts center and performance space, improved computer facilities and video conferencing room, and interactive whiteboards in all teaching areas.


Our campus caters to years K-12, working many programs which place strong emphasis on catering for the needs of each student. A strong emphasis is also placed on working collaboratively and Participative Decision Making. There are cluster and year level teams across Primary and Secondary with timetabled meeting and planning sessions, as well as many  opportunities offered to be part of the committee structure guiding the school’s progress towards improvement.


Professional development opportunities are excellent within the School and through the opportunity for off-Island PD.

In terms of acting staff, CIDHS comprises a Level 6 Principal, a Level 4 Deputy Principal for the Primary sector and two Level 3 Deputy Principals with responsibility for the Secondary sector.  Our teachers mostly come from the West Australian Education Department and are all merit selected.  There is also an extensive locally engaged staff - including Education Assistants from the Chinese and Malay cultures – who have a key role developing and facilitating language and learning among students within the classroom. 


If you would like to apply for a job position here or school here, please see Jobs or Prospective Students respectively.






Christmas Island District High School respects and values:


• community

• environment
• cultural diversity
• the inclusion of all individuals
• the home languages of the Island
• achievement and excellence
• innovative approaches


School report


If you would like to see how we compare academically to other similar schools in Western Australia, please check out our school report on My School.